Notice to Bidders


BID DATE/TIME: TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2022 AT 2:00 P.M. LOCAL TIME (in accordance with the clock at bid room)


Sealed proposals for the above project will be received, publicly opened and read aloud at the time and location stated above by A REPRESENTATIVE OF INDIAN HILLS COMMUNITY COLLEGE.

Copies of the plans and specifications and other contract documents are now on file and available for inspection at the above bidding location and sets for Contractors/Suppliers can be ordered through the office of Beeline + Blue, by logging on to or calling 1-515-244-1611, upon the deposit of $150.00 which will be refunded to prime contractors who submit bids upon the return of the documents within seven (10) days after the receipt of the bids.

A single proposal will be received for the work of the General Contractor including the work of the Mechanical Subcontractor (Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilating) and the work of the Electrical Subcontractor. Subcontractors of all construction trades shall submit bids to the General Contractor covering the scope of work bid.

This project consists of the renovation of 10,500 sq. ft. located at the IHCC North Campus within the main building. The project will involve modernizing and converting the previous vehicle lab area into the new Criminal Justice Training Center. The new training center will include four (4) general education classrooms, two (2) offices, alternates for men’s and women’s locker rooms with showers and restroom facilities, multi-purpose training space, washdown evidence lab (blood splatter and finger printing), and storage areas. The project will also include new HVAC, lighting, electrical, fire alarm modifications and updated interior finishes.

Award of the contract shall be to the lowest responsible bidder based on basis bid and selected alternates and in conformance to the Bidding Documents prepared by InVision Architects.

A PRE-BID CONFERENCE for this project will be held on OCTOBER 25, 2022 at 2:00 pm at THE PROJECT SITE, INDIAN HILLS COMMUNITY COLLEGE NORTH CAMPUS, 14383 College Ave., Ottumwa, IA.

Each proposal must be accompanied by a bid bond, cash deposit, Cashier's Check or a Certified Check on a solvent Bank chartered under the laws of the United States in the amount of not less than 5%, nor more than 10% of the proposal submitted therewith.

Bid Security shall be made payable to the Treasurer of INDIAN HILLS COMMUNITY COLLEGE.

Should the successful bidder fail or neglect to furnish a satisfactory surety bond, refuse to enter into contract on the basis of the bid, or fail to meet the requirements of this Notice and the specifications regulating the award, the bidder's security may be retained as liquidated damages. No bidder may withdraw the proposal for a period of thirty calendar (30) days after the date and hour set for opening of bids. The work under the Contract shall be commenced immediately after execution of the Owner-Contractor Agreement and substantially completed by a mutually agreed upon date, all as set forth in contractual documents.

By virtue of statutory authority, the Contractor shall give preference to Iowa Domestic Labor, products and provisions grown, and coal produced within the State of Iowa, according to the provisions of Chapter 73, Code of Iowa 2016.

The right to reject any or all bids and to waive any irregularities therein is reserved by INDIAN HILLS COMMUNITY COLLGE.

Indian Hills Community College is accepting bids (Bid Number: MAINT 23-01) to furnish the following supplies, equipment, and/or services for our North Campus:  Removal of Kewanee hot water boiler and prep area, furnish and install new high efficiency hot water boilers with correct capacity and CSD-1 compliance, furnish and install air separator and expansion tank, boiler circulating pumps, vent piping, combustion air duct and/or louvre.   Feed water and natural gas piping and hook up, Electrical conduit, wire and test runs and check for leaks and correct operation.

Bids are due on or before 4:45 PM on September 26 2022.  For inquiries, contact Clay Winn, or 641-680-0256.

Indian Hills Community College is accepting bids (Bid Number: 21830000) to furnish the following supplies, equipment, and/or services: Centerville Academic Building which will be located on the Indian Hills Centerville Campus. Bids are due on or before 2:00 PM on October 4, 2022. Bidders for the Contract may obtain copies of the Bidding Documents by contacting Beeline + Blue, Des Moines, IA Ph. 515-244-1611 in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders upon depositing the sum of $250 (written to OPN Architects) or a MBI Plan Deposit card for each set of documents.

2 year old grass hay for sale, large round bales, plastic twine, baled with a 535 John Deere, tractor on site to load. $40/bale. Contact Brydon Kaster, 641.895.4461