Focus Area: Public Relations/Organizational Communications

The Internet has changed the way we communicate. Here’s the Life.Changing. secret to making yourself the PR Guru every business wants to hire!

Campus Ottumwa and Centerville Campuses
Entry Term All Terms
Length of Program 6 Terms (18 Months)
Diploma/Degree  Associate of Arts Degree (A.A.)


It’s no secret that the Public Relations/Organizational Communication Program at Indian Hills Community College will change your life. The Internet and social media changed our world. They changed how we talk to each other. How companies talk to us. How the media tells stories.

With our Public Relations and Organization Communication Focus Area you’ll be a lean, mean communication machine. Speech writing. Putting out press releases. Crafting advertisements. Representing a business as a spokesperson. Raising money and awareness for nonprofits. Working with media to tell your story. It’s your moment. So come grab it at Indian Hills!


What you will learn:
  • Understand the function of public relations as a business and organizational tool as it is used to influence public opinion
  • Explain the relationship between public relations, the business, or organizational culture/climate and the media
  • Identify and create methods of communication suited to the business or organization that will influence internal and/or external public opinion


So how will you land one of these exciting jobs? It’s simple math. Take your natural social skills. Add our experienced PR and organizational communication faculty. You’ll be ready to take the public relations business by storm.

Here’s how we’ll do it.

Step 1: Customize Your Program for Your Skills & Your Dream Job


What is your dream job? Which 4-year school do you want to attend to finish your degree? Let’s figure out the courses you’ll need to take to get there.


How do businesses use Public Relations and Corporate Communications? We’ll teach you the how’s and why’s.


Step 2: Learn About PR & Communications As Business Tools


Step 3: Become So Good at Writing & Public Speaking, You’ll Have to Pinch Yourself


Anybody who wants to be a professional communicator needs strong writing skills. We’ll turn you into a master writer and public speaker.


Now that you’ve got the skills down and you know all about Public Relations and Organizational Communication, it’s time to learn how to work with media and influence public opinion.


Step 4: Master Communications & Public Influence Methods


Step 5: Prepare for (PR & Communication) World Dominance


Okay, so you might not dominate the world, but you’ll be ready to add awesome to your dream career or finish your degree at a 4-year school.


Ready to take your education to the next level? Check out the details of this Focus Area below to see how our courses at Indian Hills Community College will help you get on your way to a Life.Changing. career as a Corporate Communications Officer, Graphic Designer, or Marketing Specialist!


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As one of the best community colleges in Iowa, Indian Hills Community College goes beyond teaching you about Public Relations and Organizational Communication. Our faculty help you customize your Focus Area to match your strengths with the career of your dreams. That means we’ll even customize your program to help you get into the 4-year school of your dreams to finish your degree. Now that’s Life.Changing.

So let’s get started! Got questions? Don’t stress. Just ask Jenny!

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