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Life.Changing.Times New Program: Education


OTTUMWA --- “As the baby-boomers begin to retire and more students enter school, America faces a serious dilemma: a shortage of teachers” according to National Education Association. Indian Hills Community College is looking ahead and committed to doing their part to prepare future teachers in Southern Iowa and around the United States.  Indian Hills Community College is responding to this shortage by offering an Education Program with three pathways to teacher licensure.  Each pathway seamlessly transitions into programs at the Iowa Regent Institutions or private and public institutions of higher learning. 

The National Education Association states that “Helping children learn and making a difference in a young person’s life are two of the greatest benefits of teaching.”  So, if you can see yourself teaching in a public system or private school setting, enroll in the Early Childhood, Elementary, or Secondary pathway and receive an AA in Education.  The Early Childhood pathway prepares you to work in a PreK-3 setting.  The Elementary pathway gets you ready to teach in kindergarten through sixth grade and the Secondary pathway prepares one to teach in the seventh through twelfth grade high school setting. Each pathway offers multiple opportunities for field experience to help you determine which pathway is the right path for you. 

Blog written by: Deb Vos